Make Money From YouTube Without Making Videos

hey everyone you can see here an empty youtube channel i have zero subscribers i have no public videos uploaded but still you can make money out of this empty channel without creating any videos if you wanna know how keep watching what i will share with you in this video is not something simple it’s an advanced strategy so please focus very well follow up step by step since i will show you a real key study i’m running right now with real numbers from start so step number one is to create an empty youtube channel you can do this simply with a gmail account then log into youtube and you have this dashboard here go here to customize and then to basic info and you can set the channel name and description if you want now later on in this video you may change the name depending on your strategy but for now just know how to set the name and to send the logo in the branding section you can change the logo you can see i said this one here go to website called icon finder i think i can find it and search for something let’s say marketing say free and you’ll find a lot of logos here pick one like this and download then upload to your channel so we have an empty youtube channel with a name with a logo and we are ready to start our work step number two open your web browser and go to website called totally free just sign up i will log into my account now here you can find ads running on youtube you can search for ads you can filter by top videos top advertisers let’s say top videos here like this one you can watch the ad if you want you can see how many views you can see how much spent how many days a much much more it’s like an ad spy tool for youtube so what we are going to do here we are going to find a successful ad successful product to promote based on these ads so for example in my case i work in the marketing niche so let’s say i want to promote a product like semrush i will go here and you’ll see all ads that semrush is running let’s open this one here you can see the views up to 100 000 the ads spent in dollars up to ten thousand dollars you can watch the ad if you want so now we have an ad a video ad promoting a product like semrush what you are going to do is to copy the youtube link and download the video simply go to google and search for download youtube video and open any of these websites we have a lot of the websites like this paste download and here we are download the video so if we go now to downloads you will see we have the video add download sorry so we have a video ad downloaded on our pc very nice we have the video what you are going to do now is to go to this tool the add spy tool and start searching for ads successful ads promoting products in any issue you want maybe you are wondering how to find products what we are going to do in this strategy is to find products with affiliate programs so we are running affiliate marketing on youtube so what is affiliate marketing intro for beginners affiliate marketing simply is to promote a product for someone else and whenever someone buys the products or takes an action on this product you will earn a commission you can find out of programs by searching on clickbank on digistore24 on on warrior plus on cj on we have thousands and thousands of affiliate programs you can find or products you can find on these websites or maybe standalone products that you want to promote when you find this product you go here back to video tab or vidtao and search for this product and find the ad for this product a successful product with a successful video ad till now i think the idea is simple we found the product we found a video ad we downloaded it we have it now go to your youtube channel here click on create upload video and now you are going to upload the video add to youtube select the file and select the video here let’s say

some rush add anything and select next it’s not made for kids then next and the visibility will be unlisted keep it unlisted save and now we have the video uploaded to youtube now in some cases maybe you want to edit the video maybe you can use programs like camtasia studio you can use maybe canva let me show you this example go to there was a product i promoted like this one here i uploaded the video it’s an e-book so i got the ad and i edit it on canva you can do also this if you want i added this get now text with this arrow and then download it and then upload to youtube and now we have the video uploaded now in the case that is i’m running right now i didn’t edit the videos i uploaded it the same if you go to the content section you will see i have these two videos this one i filled campaign one affiliate campaign two i uploaded the ads as it is without editing them so now we uploaded the videos we already to the next step now sometimes in some cases you find a product you join the affiliate program you have everything but you don’t find an ad a video ad for it what to do you can use maybe canva to create the ad but we have this website here it’s called it’s a great website by the way you can see here up to 2 million visits per month it has a lot of tools and templates you can use if you go here to videos for example and click on browse more and let’s search here for ad for example and you can find a lot of templates ready for you to use let’s say you are promoting a travel agency if you open here let’s play it

so this is the video you can click on create now and edit this video add your text whatever you want then download and upload to your youtube channel now you can start with this service for free with this application and if you use the coupon code in description below you can get 20 discount i think till september so check it if you want anyway so now we have the videos on our youtube channel we have the products we are ready to the next step which is the most important step go to now before you sign up if it’s your first time on google ads please go again to google search and search for google ads coupon and just try to find some free coupons so you can run a campaign for free just try to find a coupon before you sign up because you can get one for free if it’s your first time on google ads and you can also search for your country let’s say if you’re in india for example you can say india and find some coupons anyway sign up to google ads and try to find a coupon then let’s sign into my account now i will sign in so here’s my campaigns you can see i’m running two campaigns here this is the case that i’m running right now till now i paid around 82 dollars for these campaigns i’ll talk about it in a little bit so what you are going to do is to create a video campaign click on the plus icon here new campaign please focus very well here because we have some tricks that you have to know create a campaign without goals video campaign then click on custom video campaign continue we are going to promote this affiliate product with google video ads on youtube let’s say affiliate one

anything in the bid strategy i will say maxim cpv and in the daily budget please start global like three or five dollars per day so we can track and monitor our campaign if it’s successful we can scale it up if not we can end it without losing a lot of money the network section please uncheck this keep the youtube search results and youtube videos then go down here and select your target countries please focus very well here in some cases some athlete programs target specific countries let me show you an example so here i am inside impact and these are the programs i joined and i promote as an affiliate marketer if you open like constant contact for example you will see that this service works in canada united kingdom and united states so you may you need to target only these countries and what’s nice for example about this product or this program it gives you five dollars per email lead only per sign up not per sale per say it’s 105 dollars so it’s also a good option to find what we call cpa offers or cost per action that pays you per email per sign up and promote with ads you have a higher chance to make more money with these ads so just make sure to check the target countries before you follow up let’s go back to google ads so i will select the countries depending on the program if it’s universal you can select all countries whatever you want then go down select the language in my case it’s english then go down here and make sure to select the age gender and parental status in some cases you are selecting a product for females only some products are for males only like in the health niche or sport or something for certain ages maybe you are promoting a scholarship so the age will not be 55 64 you may target only 1824 and so on so depending on the product you will select the demographics of your campaign then go down here you will have the content where you want the ads to be shown in my case i am testing different segments in some cases i select by keywords in some case i select by topics for keywords

what we can do simply is go here to to find some keywords and let’s say the product you are promoting is about doc training for example so go into youtube keyword tool and say dog training search and now this free keyword tool youtube keyword tool will give you a lot a lot of keyword ideas and what we can do simply is to export all this csv open the csv file just copy this list from here go back and paste it and just remove the first keyword here and now we have a lot of keywords to target with our camping this is the first method the second method is to target with placements or topics always make sure to select one of these and to test what works better for you in some cases i select payments and i target youtube channels it works for me the best for example i’m targeting marketing channels so i say online marketing and now it will find some youtube channels depending on my search term i can select these youtube channels or simply i can go to youtube here and search for a specific channel let’s say i want to target the audience watching this channel channel makers so i just copy the url of the channel let’s go back search and now it will show me the channel i just select it you can see it here so you can target by youtube channels or you can target by keywords or by topics let’s say here i’m targeting and educational field or educational topic you can see music education visual arts so you can select whatever you want and target based on this as i told you always select one of these and see what’s working the best for your product and for your campaign so you can scale it up later then in the video ad simply go here and copy the video ad you select this copy the link and paste it here that’s it make sure to select skippable in stream ad and now focus this is very important the final url is your affiliate link so example like

these are standalone affiliate programs that i work with also i will log in here to my accounts so this is walter in the referral section here if i go here i will find a direct affiliate link i can copy this why because it starts with the website name you can use this one here so i can copy it and promote directly if i want and here i can say valtter only like this but if it’s a clickbank product if it is an impact product make sure to get the full affiliate link directly to the products website or your landing page or something like into the body here if i go here to the affiliate dashboard i can get my two body affiliate link directly because it starts with the website domain name please focus this is very important then add a call to action button and let’s say sign up or maybe download if it’s an application on android and iphone depending on what product you are promoting if it’s a lead camp you can say sign up so it can get paid per lead per email then go down here and select the maximum cpv which is how much you want to pay per view you can start with 0.01 and scale up if you don’t see results so this is how you can create a campaign and promote this video with google ads going back to my campaigns you will see i’m promoting two products exactly using this strategy till now i got around 3 4 000 impressions and now i am monitoring and tracking this campaign to see if it’s profitable or not if it’s profitable i will scale it up i will increase the budget so i can get more conversions if it’s not working i can simply disable the campaign and test something else in affiliate marketing there’s nothing guaranteed hundred percent you need to learn a lot test a lot and if you can get a free coupon on google to test with free credits it’s better not to lose your money now i have two gifts for you number one if i go here and open notion and go to affiliate marketing you will see this is my private special affiliate marketing products table that i am using and i promote in the description below you can get a free copy of this table on notion just click on the link and clone it to your own account inject

applications you can join the programs and promote them the second gift for you is how to do this strategy totally for free without using google ads what you can do simply is to create video reviews about the products on your channel and rank them on top of youtube you can see here and my two body account is my report i rank number one for a lot of keywords number one here you can see number one here number one here number two number four on top of youtube i am ranking for a lot of videos and keywords how to do this simply you can follow up this youtube seo guide and clone my free strategies if you have any questions i’ll be waiting for you in the comments section below see you later.

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