What is insurance premium | Car Insurance | Home insurance

 What is insurance premium | Car Insurance

What is insurance premium 

How much IPT do I pay on my car insurance premiums? 

Can I cancel car insurance a year after buying it. Where is it applied? My previous insurance is invalid. Can I sell the car and buy another with the same or a new insurance premium

How much could a family of 3 pay for health insurance if they wanted to insure themselves as well as their 4-year-old? Is it possible to insure a child that was born in March? 

Do I need to have a policy with a high deductible and no medical savings account to continue with my insurance premium without paying a penalty? 
I’m under state farm. I’m only 22 and have private health insurance from an employer. I’m on a medical savings account (HSA) because my company is doing this. Does that stop my health insurance provider from still billing me and if so how much? 
Ive never used my insurance Premium so I’m not sure how much I owe or what I should expect. Thanks for any information you could share. Thanks! Cheapest car insurance.
Hi, I’m going to apply for a car insurance quote. I am only 21 and have already been driving for about 2 years. Do I need to have any car insurance at all? 
Can I have a low insurance premium policy and pay out of pocket for repairs? 
Will I need to maintain a high deductible to keep my insurance going? 
If I don’t maintain a high deductible will my premium go up as my deductible goes down? Any help is appreciated thanks! Can i not have car insurance? i recently got my first car and my parents think its too expensive. i really want to get my own car one day but don’t really have the money atm. i feel like i have no chance because my insurance is about to be canceled. can i still get my own car but have no insurance at all? it would be pretty nice to be able to pay as much as i want and not pay anything out of pocket” What are some good auto insurance companies? 
What are some good auto insurance companies?
My new car. Should I get title insurance premium or just insurance. Will it matter if I dont have insurance?
What is insurance premium

My new car, fully registered and insured, was totaled in an accident because of a kid who was driving, not me. I had already paid for all of the costs associated with the accident, and all he has to pay is a small fine. The other party told a lie. There was another person driving as well. My attorney has just asked for the first party to pay for the rest of the repairs because he is going to have to get a rental. Should I be worried about this? 
If I should get title insurance? 
Will it matter if I dont have insurance? 
Small auto insurance? I’m 20, live in Melbourne and I am looking at buying my first car. I’m not really driving that often but am about to start university and I would like to know what’s the cheapest insurance I can get.

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